A single progressing cavity pump form NOV Mono has been used to replace a number of centrifugal pumps and improve pumping performance on an agricultural effluent duty in New Zealand. The MonoTM pump is now transferring animal effluent over considerable distances at Castle Glen Farms in Foxton, on New Zealand’s North Island.

NOV Mono’s forward thinking approach to commerce and product development has earned the business a prominent business award in Australia. The Award recognizes the general performance of the business, and in particular the company’s InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System.

A high efficiency dairy effluent pump from NOV Mono has delivered significant benefits to the end-user on an agricultural irrigation project in New Zealand.
The value of the InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System (PSS) from NOV Mono has been highlighted by its success on a major 940-lot housing project in New South Wales, Australia.
A water and waste treatment plant in Australia is now benefitting from the installation of pumps and grinders from NOV Mono.

Reliability, cost effectiveness, ease of use and simple maintenance were among the key reasons why Southern Water chose an innovative pressure sewer system (PSS) from NOV Mono, to replace ageing septic tanks for over 900 houses.

NOV Mono has underlined its prominence in the Australian wastewater market by securing a major industry certification for its innovative Pressure Sewer System (PSS).